Anna Alcock

The artwork I am exhibiting at Bankside Gallery in September 2016 is explores darkness, death and things that have happened in the past two years of my life. The text is from Dante’s ‘Inferno’.

My work is about exploring the magic of and retelling stories through my personal mythology in a world that seems to have buried and is in conflict with the archetypal and awe-inspiring truth of our old stories, folktales, myths and legends.

Printmaking is a means to an end in my work…the moment of truth and magical elements that are beyond our control are what excite me. Many of my pieces are one offs and I often use mediums that bring an element of chance and originality to pieces. This sometimes means that works are not editioned and are signed as artists proofs, left as open editions , signed as unique or are printed as variable editions with marked variations between individual pieces.

The essence of the printing I do is in the choices and time that goes into each print. I use a combination of traditional printmaking techniques and hand-finishing including etching with acid, dry point, aquatint, linocut, woodcut, wood engraving, screen-printing and collograph.

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