Jude Cowan Montague

My prints are bold, playful and subversive. The deep texture of the etching technique helps the viewer to immerse themselves in the work and stimulates the viewer to imagine their own narrative.

I work as an archivist for Reuters television and am a researcher of newsreel and early film. Videos I have seen as part of my work and as an academic appear in unexpected, sublimated ways in pictures and more explicitly in writing. I am a published author of prints and poems with my third collection out in 2014.

Jon Snow, Channel 4, said of my collection ‘For the Messengers’, “Jude has gone where I’ve never seen a jobbing journalist tread before. This is news observed with so discerning an eye that marvellous detail emerges within the poetry. Read her book. We are the richer for it.”

I am a great admirer of the surrealist satirical work of the Polish Poster School.

A London based artist originally from the north of England, these are my dreams.