Fabienne Khial

By combining drawings and prints, I attempt to explore human responses to a delicate situation and to investigate an emotional world in a poetic and metaphorical way.

My source of inspiration is intimate and confessional, sometimes autobiographical or from reality TV or chat shows in which the disclosure of personal stories is nowadays a trend. Through my work I try to challenge the idea of perception and memory in the identity process.

Prints allow me to address ideas like subjectivity, multiplicity and uniqueness.

LOOP Online Exhibition:

LOOP 2024
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LOOP 2021

Through my practice, my intent is to look at what cannot be articulated -, the mysteries of selfhood and the role of memory, the intimacy and consciousness of a specific journey. My attempt is to investigate this emotional world in a poetic and metaphorical way. My source of inspiration is often diarist or from the people I know.

The project Self-i.e. or the Self ‘id est” as a landscape.
Isolated behind our screens, we desperately try to reach out, to get followed and liked. We “selfie” all the time, showing off what we eat, what we buy, what we wear, what we look like, where we are… to satisfy the dictatorship of appearance. We appear as a fragmented wall of pictures.

From this fragmentation, emerged the idea of the Self-i.e. project.
In the making, I considered the particular quintessence of the Self as a landscape, a landscape, which suffers mutations, alterations and deteriorations, due to genetics, environmental, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and experimental expositions. A landscape, beautifully composed, often recomposed and sadly decomposed, which bizarrely remains still and shifting at the same time.