Pauline Wood

I completed MA Printmaking at UAL Camberwell in July 2015 and began a Printmaking Fellowship at University of Northampton in September the same year helping support students and staff. Since completing the Fellowship I have returned as an associate lecturer in Printmaking there.

I am currently establishing Intercession – a studio and small gallery space in Northampton dedicated to showing artworks by artists that use or have considered printmaking in the production of their work.

Printmaking is the central activity of my practice, initiating a process-led way of making that most often begins with a Biblical narrative or fragment which I respond to by making etchings, screen-prints and three-dimensional forms. The work fluctuates organically between printmaking and object making, with one informing the other.

I have recently been working with spray paint, testing how its mark making translates through various printmaking processes and on different platforms such as paper, MDF and Perspex and have produced a body of experiments that I repeatedly return to in order to both recover and add to them.

Each work presented at LOOP is a unique and individual piece, exploring and revealing different aspects of the making experience.

The work is part of an ever-present questioning and repositioning of religious faith and doubt in the continual now-ness within the space that art practice allows for.