Lukes Wade

I am an artist working primarily in the medium of print, with a particular focus on intaglio methods such as etching and relief, as well as monotypes and collography. Through my practice I aim to pose questions about spectatorship and engagement in modern society, tackling these questions through taxonomy, historical investigation and visual record. I want to examine with particular scrutiny the structures in which we live and how we respond to recognizable objects and settings when subverted or obfuscated through artistic process. Part of the power of printmaking as a medium is its potential to reconfigure and reprocess a single image repeatedly to achieve different effects. As the world is in a state of constant upheaval it makes perfect sense to use this tangible lens by which things can be captured and recorded in layers to be later built upon or stripped back as required.

My time at Camberwell saw me investigate the topic of execution; to question its historicity, legitimacy and the strange formality of the practice itself, but also the role of the viewer in relation to this material considered horrific and taboo by contemporary standards.

My present current practice is split between looking at civil unrest; in particular the increasing militarization of western police forces in response to the threat posed by domestic terrorism, which are now a common sight on our streets. In order to maintain balance, the other strand is a more lighthearted collection of inflatables where I collate and collograph these whimsical objects in a hope to question the ‘whatness’ of such an intrinsically silly thing when transformed by printmaking processes.

Instagram: @thegreycatsby