Isabel Wilkinson

An artist specializing in printmaking, I work with large-scale silkscreen, monoprints and cyanotypes on paper and canvas to create images as a conduit for stories. Semi-fictional narratives and studies of time take place in supernatural landscapes, where my own contemporary reality and lived experience of place collide with the myths and folklore that I have absorbed as a reader, listener and viewer.

Engagement with and immersion in the landscape is hugely important in my practice. Walking, photography and collecting objects form the backbone of my research. I then use drawing and collage to evoke these shapes, exploring the potentiality of place and the moment through fragmentation and abstraction.

To contain moments of time within a printed surface is my objective. In the use of fictional devices and the fragmentation of the real, time is forced to concertina on the surface of the print, and past, present and future coalesce.

In my recent work I have explored the natural and manmade edgelands of the banks of the River Thames as a setting for a new adaptation of the Orpheus myth, interrupting the time and space of story to relocate it in the present moment.
I have recently exhibited at Clifford Chance and Lockbund Gallery, and received the 2016 Clifford Chance/Tom Hammick Residency Prize.