Helen Bridges

When elements are taken out of their context- be it a building, an object, a drawing, a memory, a dream or a recorded moment they take on a whole new meaning. They draw attention to themselves and prompt a thought process-an inquisitiveness to the viewer. Some may be recognised or evoke a memory or an association. If nothing else it creates an awareness of what usually is considered to be a mundane thing.

When you remember something your brain dips in and out of jumbled thoughts, trying to put them in a coherent order. I like to put images together in this manner…a little bit of something next to part of something else. It tends to create playful visual maps that meander through recognisable elements, symbols and signs, poetic narrative and surreal objects displaced from their context.

I continually record surroundings with collections of photographs, drawings and writing. I collect and process later, always sourcing inspiration from everyday occurrences.

I graduated in 2004 from Camberwell College of Art with an MA in fine art-Printmaking. I set up a screen printing studio with a friend in South London where I still work today. I exhibit regularly in London the Uk and also have exhibited in Korea and Chile. Publications include ‘Installations and experimental printmaking’ by Alexia Tala, magazines-Design week and Printmaking Today. Public collections include the V&A and University of the Arts, London.