Lynne Blackburn

Lynne Blackburn is an experienced printmaker, exhibiting artist and screen print editioner. She owns and runs her own screen printing company – Hippo Screenprinters – from her studio near Chelmsford in Essex.

Lynne’s work explores the memories and history embedded within familiar places and buildings – the human traces left behind in, and on, buildings – from the visual traces to subconscious and psychological ones. She is interested in how the ordinary and mundane of the everyday show and mark the passing of time and by the transitory nature of the built environment.

Lynne’s most recent work has been inspired by the artists’ reaction to the horror and destruction being wrought in the Middle East. Her current ongoing series of prints are screen printed monoprints which appear to be abstract images but are based on news reel and drone photographs of the bombed cities of Syria. The artist was moved by seeing images of people’s homes and neighbourhoods destroyed by the bombing but still showing the familiar signs of everyday lives. The interior of homes, revealed when the structure of the building is destroyed, and local shopping streets with their roller shutters and boxes of fruit & veg, could be anywhere in the world and, particularly, from the artists point of view, they resemble the local streets in East London & Essex where she lives.