Ute Haring

Ute Haring is a painter and printmaker who appreciates intaglio and relief printing methods for their tactile qualities that give the work a unique presence.

For her the process of making a printing matrix is an active dialogue between time, mental space and the physical reality of the materials and substances involved, from which the final image emerges. She is fascinated with the transformation of the image from printing plate to paper when the print is pulled.

Ute Haring’s work often centres around ideas of memory and place, the transitional nature of urban spaces and landscape and its relationship with our own identity.

Since graduating with a BA in Fine Art Painting and a MA in Fine Art Printmaking from Wimbledon College of Arts, Haring has exhibited her work widely in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Her work is held in public and private collections e.g. at the Courtauld Institute London and MdBK Leipzig, Germany.

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