Marielle Schram

The work I’m showing at LOOP22 is based on the experiences of the last couple of years. Enduring the lockdowns during covid times was an intense experience for all of us and we had to adjust to a new way of connecting with friends and family. For many of us the screen became the portal through which we communicated. Seeing so many faces in passport-photo format compelled me to make a series of small oil-paintings of heads. The way we were interacting with each other, verbal and non-verbal, changed or at the very least it became more difficult to read each other. I was aware we were sharing the experience but through the imposed distance everything felt so different and disconnected.

I’m interested in the shared experiences and how we recognise ourselves in and through each other. And it’s not only our lives in the present I’m thinking of, but also the lives of those who have gone before us The search to translate this connectedness lies for me in the act of making itself.

Marielle had her formal training in the disciplines of drawing and painting. Decades of working primarily as a painter were enriched with a one year residency at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford.

Her work has previously been selected for the Discerning Eye, NOPE, Derwent Art Prize and SKETCH and she has regularly shown work in both solo and group exhibitions in the U.K. and the Netherlands.
Instagram: @marielleschram