Marielle Schram

The work I’m showing at LOOP22 is based on the experiences of the last couple of years. Enduring the lockdowns during covid times was an intense experience for all of us and we had to adjust to a new way of connecting with friends and family. For many the screen became the portal through which we communicated. Seeing so many small faces in front of me led to making a series of small oil-paintings of heads. I was aware we were sharing the experience but through the imposed distance everything felt so different and disconnected.

These little paintings differ from my work of previous years when I found my inspiration in walking and the outdoors. I’m always looking to find a way to tap into our shared experiences and as before it was a connection through the rhythm and the meditative experience of walking, this time it is the forced new way of connecting with one another.

I had my formal training in the disciplines of drawing and painting and my work has previously been selected for the Discerning Eye, NOPE, Derwent Art Prize and SKETCH. I have regularly shown work in both solo and group exhibitions in the U.K. and the Netherlands.
Instagram: @marielleschram