Kitty Reford

Fauna and Flora are 6 works about collaged and collected information concerning (portraits ), and environments, they are equally concerned with subject matter and process…both the process of collecting , assembling and re-assembling pieces of information, and in the “Flora” (“LionGarden” ), prints, process itself, mixing of techniques and use and re-use of consistent imagery differently, each Flora print is unique; the Fauna (portraits) are editions.

My prints in LOOP18 come from 3 series: ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Film Drawings’, and ‘Lost Friends, Found Plates’.

Pulp fiction was a term that described the ‘low-grade’ quality of the paper used to print cheap novels and other stories, including comics. The paper was made from moistened wood fibre, and rags. The term now tends to encompass the idea of very basic print, paper and image quality along with the perceived quality of the literature itself.

My prints from the Pulp Fiction series refer to visual tropes associated with that genre which I hope to parallel by referring to, (making use of), similar visual language and colour sensitivity. The prints also often refer to people reading or writing, now as they often do, on a screen…it is impossible to tell which it is, reading, or writing.

The two risograph prints perhaps are examples of contemporary ‘pulp’, employing, as they do a cheap and more ecological stencil technology that lends itself to ‘low grade’ imagery and simple layering. I propose a venn diagram including these two risograph prints in both the Pulp Fiction and the Film Drawing series…the rest of the Film Drawing series are self explanatory in that they are drawings from film!

The third series in the mix is ‘Lost Friends, Found Plates”…These are etchings made on found or abandoned plates… I work in a print room in an educational environment where I often come across abandoned plates. Either those that have been worked on towards an image, (in early stages), those that have been used as examples of how to make marks on a plate, or those that have had a ground applied, been abandoned and hence acquired the drawing of time…scuffs, scratches and scars. I’ve used these with memories and ideas about friends I’ve lost through equally random and various reasons that the plates were there to be found! Such as abandonment, distance, death and disillusion … I am thinking that is a grim list, but there aren’t many cheerful and positive reasons for losing friends, I suppose! I do find a few as well.


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