Sarah Mander

After completing a Masters’ Degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art. Sarah co-founded Red Hot Press print workshop in Southampton Hampshire in 2004. She has exhibited her work widely in the UK and abroad. Her work is held in public and private collections in Europe, Australia and Asia. Sarah teachers intaglio printmaking techniques at Red Hot Press and is a visiting lecturer at West Dean College.

The starting point for Sarah’s work is drawing, collage and photography. She is interested in manmade objects particularly parts of aircraft and space craft. She is fascinated by the way that these machines are constructed. The patterns of the rivets, the metal sharps that have been molded and fixed together.

These objects tell a story, they have been in battle or shot down or they have been at the forefront of aviation technology in their time. In the case of the space modules she is inspired by, they have re-entered the earths atmosphere under extreme force and this is evident by the marks, burns and scratch marks on the exterior of the craft. These objects have been weathered and worn by time, action and use. She is fascinated by the results of time, wear and atmospheric conditions on manmade objects.