Richenda Court

Richenda first studied Printmaking at Brighton University and more recently at Morley College, London under Richard Michell. She has been a Director at Ochre Print Studios where she still tutors and is currently a Printmaking Lecturer at Morley College.

Richenda has exhibited widely in the UK and has work in the V & A Collections as well as representing Surrey in the Olympics with her award winning poster design.

Her work is inspired by figurative, subconscious line drawings.
Of her prints she says:
‘Sometimes it’s not possible to find the truth in what exists directly around us. Through drawing and making prints I find there is an opportunity to think through ideas, explore solutions and find a ‘new truth’.’
Recently her book ‘Ocean Swell’ was published. The book tells the story of two people who undertake a journey into the ocean. The book was created by making a drawing each day without any pre-set storyline and no words.
The prints Richenda has made over the last few years have been predominently inspired by drawings from the book.

In the forthcoming exhibition, new etchings and a linocut will be exhibited.

‘No bird soars too high with his own wings’ William Blake.

‘Ocean Swell’ ISBN 978-1-5262-0586-5