Kitty Reford

Some of these new prints are etchings made from drawings from film, usually the drawing is a very intuitive and instant reaction to a narrative that is stilled for a very short time, about 4 minutes. Additionally there are some still lives made from watercolours around my domestic space, and one of the etchings, ‘Island Gardens’, is made from another very quick drawing done on an i-pad, which is a new drawing medium for me.

The thing about painting & printmaking, or drawing and printmaking, is that especially for me, as an artist who works quite immediately and enjoys pushing the media around in quite a physical way; printmaking, being by its nature engaged with process, sort of slowed me down, edged me into an area of ‘imagemaking’, rather than my more natural responsive, reactive inclination.

I now really enjoy, and benefit from operating in both those different areas, and it is interesting that drawing with the i-pad is more similar in the mental approach it requires, to printmaking, (only quicker), even though I’m still drawing from reality, from life, the process of drawing on the i-pad is not intuitive…I have to change colours, change tools, make new layers, affect transparency etc…all requiring a quick switch from one mode of operation, that is observational, reactive and intuitive, to a much more mechanical approach, similar in way to making a print in the mechanics of it, but more angsty, because I’m in ‘drawing’ mode, and have to be quite quick because whatever I am drawing might quite easily get up and go away! (just some reflections on process !)